Friday 12 January 2018

4 reasons a mobile app can help your business

Times have changed and so has the eCommerce industry. Now, it is mandatory for the online stores to adapt and change with the trends that come along their way. For instance, you might feel quite content by having a website that is working smooth and you’re earning a good amount from the same, but have you thought about taking your business on the mobile via the mobile app? Noticeably, Android apps and iPhone apps have been making quite a buzz in the industry. If you are a smart entrepreneur, you would want to take this next step and create an eCommerce mobile app that gives your business new heights by improving the same.

This blog talks about the 4 reasons how a mobile app can help your business. Mentioned-below are the reasons and probable ways that you can have success.

Customers choose apps over website

Mobile App

Customers love apps. Who would wait for the website to get loaded properly in order to showcase all the features at once when you can have an app that doesn’t take a lot of time? Customers would anytime choose apps over the website when it comes to a relaxed and seamless shopping experience.
For example, for a website like Amazon, users prefer to have apps in order to get access to the products or feeds any time of the day as well as from any place. Who would want to wait for minutes while the page is loading when you app opens faster? You know what we mean by this right?
If you don’t have an app, you’re missing out on a lot of conversions that would have happened if you did invest in free mobile app maker.

Quick and accessible

Quick and accessible

Just what we talked about in the last example, apps are quick and very accessible for anyone. How does the process of a website go on:
  • Click on the browser icon
  • Wait for it to load
  • Type in the name of the website
  • Wait for it to load
  • Look for products on the pages
  • Wait for them to load
  • Whereas; when your customer is accessing your store via an app, all they have to do is:
  • Click on the app
  • Wait for it to load (with poor connection)
  • Look for the products on the pages.

What would you prefer to choose when it comes to testing the patience of your customers? You must know that your customers leave the website or change their mind when it takes a long while in the loading of the landing pages. Having an app here would make the difference in customer satisfaction as well as better conversions.

Acts as a marketing tool

If you think that an app is just an application, you need to think again about it as a marketing tool. With an app, your customers would be able to integrate your store with the social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. This way, whenever they are browsing through any of their accounts, your products or feeds will be shown in their leads in the form of advertising. All you need to do here is get right your social media optimization techniques and your job is done. In addition, you can also send across push notifications, promotional messages and more to the user effortlessly.

Better customer experience

Better customer experience

A mobile app gives your customers access to your products or services 24-hours per day without requiring them to visit your retail location or website. In other words, no matter where they are, your app satisfies the need for instant gratification. With the help of live chats or 24*7 customer support, your store app will strive to provide a better customer service. When a customer is happy, he/she would come back to shop at the same online store.

Unfortunately, many business owners fail to understand the reasons why they should invest in mobile apps. The same carries a lot of benefits for the store owners as well as the customers. Your business needs its own mobile app if you really want to see the difference in revenues as well as conversions. 

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