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How can you manage an effective Customer and Seller Support on a Marketplace Site?

How can you manage an effective customer and seller support on a marketplace site? | Knowband
These two Marketplace Addons provide the user-friendliest approach to achieve a two-way support system on your Marketplace site.

Marketplace model of eCommerce has proven to be a quite effective method for carrying out an eCommerce business. The pros of a marketplace are not only limited to a marketplace owner but is also capable of rewarding the sellers and customers with a range of choices and opportunities. Considering the Knowband PrestaShop Marketplace module, it is capable of providing all the essential and value-added features that a competitive marketplace site requires to grow in the era of huge competition from the rival sites.

Providing a better support system is the only way that can provide a business owner with the handful competitive advantages. Talking about a marketplace site, the responsibilities become double as according to the complex nature of marketplace model, your site needs to be capable of proving a two-way support system. One for the admin to sellers and other for the sellers to the customers. These two nodes on a marketplace site need to be properly coordinated to win the trust and confidence of the sellers as well the customers. No marketplace site can function without the sellers and so goes with the customers.

Here, I am discussing our two very effective Marketplace Addons that can provide you all the above-listed features and functionalities by coordinating the two nodes of your marketplace business.

PrestaShop Marketplace Sellers-Admin Ticket System Addon-

This Marketplace Addon allows the Sellers on your marketplace site to contact the admin as well as same goes to the admin when he wants to contact with the sellers. The communication goes both ways where a Sellers can contact the admin and the admin can contact the sellers with an immense ease. The communication is carried out in the form of emails where an email notification is sent to the receiver to inform about the message.

Some enticing benefits of this Marketplace Addon are:

1. Provides an anytime method for the admin to contact the sellers.

2. Provides the same ease to the sellers to contact the admin at any time.

3. Proper Notification System to notify the receiver through emails.

4. The user-friendly thread views to provide the easiest way to track the conversion and send the emails to both the sellers and admin end.

5. Proper separate Menu tab for the admin to manage the tickets in provided at the back end.

6. The user interfaces to change the status and priority of any ticket at any time.

7. Both the sellers and admin can reply to the messages from the thread view itself.

PrestaShop Marketplace Customers-Sellers Ticket System Addon-

Customers are the most important part of any marketplace or eCommerce site. We need to provide them with the exceptional support to gain their trust and customer loyalty. Providing the best customer support is not an easy task. You require having a quite competent support system installed on your eCommerce site. This Marketplace Addon proves the same kind of efficiency you would desire from any effective eCommerce support system for the customers.

The sellers get a panel to view all the tickets raised by the customers. This central location is provided at the front end itself. When any customer sends the message to sellers, both the customer and the seller receive a notification via email. The panel provides a great ease of managing the tickets. For example, the seller can set the status and priority of any ticket at any time. The front end is presented to the sellers and customers as a thread view which tracks all the conversation occur in the particular thread.

Benefits of this Marketplace Addon your store are:

1. Provide the notification via email to both the seller and the customer when a new message arrives.

2. On all the product pages, the option to contact sellers is provided which ensure the ease of contacting any seller at any time.

3. The same contact option is also provided on the each seller profile page.

4. Any seller who does not wish to provide the support can disable the system for himself only from the front end dashboard of the sellers.

5. The seller can manually configure on which product page he/she wants to show the contact Seller's option.

6. The email id can be easily changed or configured at any time by the seller on which he/she wants to receive the notification.

Both the Marketplace Addons are Multi-store compatible and provides a great ease of installation and configuration. The SSL compatibility and Multi-language support add to their extensive nature.

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