Tuesday, 31 October 2017

5 Prestashop Facebook Plugins that can Make your Site a Profit Engine

The reach of Facebook has been one of the most positive progression for the eCommerce ecosystem. This is the main reason that most of the web store owners wants to utilize this social media platform in order to make sure that there product is well reached to the customers and at the same time they get better responses on their web store. The idea of using Facebook has innovated a lot in the recent times. The eCommerce store owners have come up with numerous idea to make use of Facebook.

The Prestashop stores are also trying to make the store a more known and better place for the customers. The availability of multiple modules that can leverage the power of Facebook in order to gather a better traffic to the web store has made it more convenient for web store owners to spread out the word regarding web store’s presence. The numerous numbers of available modules makes it easy for the web store to utilize different aspect of Facebook for the better results. 

We may discuss some of the Prestashop Facebook plugins that area must have for every Prestashop store owner to turn up their site as a profit engine.

1. Facebook Store

Knowband Facebook Store

Now, utilize the large traffic of the Facebook in order to grow your business. The Prestashop Facebook Store module allows the web store owner to establish a Facebook store, which acts much similar to the original web store. The important thing about the Facebook store is that it is visible to a very large number of users thus providing a greater visibility to the store. The users can view the products in the store and even make a purchase from the Facebook store itself. If the customers want to explore better than they can also be redirected to the actual web store therefore, adding to the better traffic to the actual web store.

2. Facebook Post Feed

Knowband Facebook Post Feed

The addition of the Facebook post on the website can actually help the owner in getting better engagement of the customers. Therefore, the web store can use the Prestashop post feed module, which enables them to dynamically update the activities of the social media page of the web store to the web store itself. It keeps the customers more occupied and at the same time, the use of social media option helps the customer in making a better check to the products. The Facebook post feed helps the web store to constantly update the customers on the web store about the new activity which might even concern the customers that like to browse the web store in order to make a purchase.

3. Facebook Album

Knowband Facebook Album

The posting of photo albums on Facebook post has seen a raise of customer engagement by 180%. Thus, it becomes quite important for the web store owners to include the photos of the product in their post. As, manually sync of the images from the web store to post is quite difficult and time consuming, therefore the web store owners can use the Prestashop Facebook album module to automatically sync the images from the web store to the post which will make the post more engaging and at the same time fetch more traffic. The module provides the web store to automatically sync the images between the two mediums and make sure they are well reached to the customers.

4. Facebook Wall post

Knowband Facebook Wall post

The idea of updating the customers about the new arrival of products or any ongoing sale or offers in the web store is quite important. In order to do so, the web store can make use of the Prestashop FB wall post module, which helps the web store to generate the wall post of their products and post them on Facebook wall. The module is capable of producing automatic as well as manual wall post. Therefore, the web store owners can now target the customers as per their convenience. The manual wall post can be timed to reach out to maximum customers while the automatic wall post can be popped more frequently to keep the majority of the visitors aware about the products.

5. Facebook Super fan

Knowband Facebook Super fan

One of the important aspect that has helped in evolving the eCommerce store is the social media presence. Every webs tore owner wants a better coverage to the market and social media is one of such area which can surely help the web store grow at an accelerated rate. Therefore, the Prestashop Superfan module helps the web store to improve the total number of fan that the web store has on social media. The module automatically generates coupons and discount codes for the customers who have like the web store page on social media. This helps the web store to grow more and better and at the same time the web store also gets the chance to showcase their products to a very larger audience.

Over to You

The idea of making the Prestashop store grow better and get more conversions, the web store owners need to introduce various plugins. These plugins acts as an enhancing source to improve the customer’s interaction with the store content on Facebook. Therefore, the web store can leverage the power Facebook to make better sales.

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