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Tips for Creating Effective Promotion Campaign on Prestashop Marketplace

“With great powers comes greater responsibilities”. The quote holds true for the eCommerce stores too. In the meantime, when the web store has been successfully turned into marketplace, the web stores needs to provide better services to the customers. A web store can be integrated to the marketplace easily by using the Prestashop multi-vendor marketplace addon. The module provide an easy way of integrating the web store to the marketplace. All that is needed to be done by the web store owner is just install the module and they are all set to start getting new seller to sell on the web store.

One of the immediate problem that rises with the web store owners is to promote products on their newly turned marketplace to divert the visitor’s attention. Therefore, various efforts and promotion campaigns are required to be made by the web store owners to promote the store. It helps in growing the web store visibility and at the same time the customers get to know the newly added purchase options on the web store. If properly promoted and talked about, the marketplace can lure a large number of visitors to the web store and also help the sellers make profit.  

The promotion on the marketplace must be made in such a way that it is effective in luring the customer and at the same time highlighting the different features introduced. It may be a tough target for the web store to do so but apparently efforts are needed to be made. For now there are plenty of options available in front of the web stores to make the promotion campaign successful and at the same time smoothly. The selection of the right approach and better medium is the thing that can fulfill all the required attention.

Here are some of the tips which can help in crating effective promotion campaign on marketplace.

1. Use of Social Media

Prestashop Social Loginizer

Social media has proved to be one of the effective means in order to promote eCommerce store. The web store owners could use the various features of social media to promote the web store effectively. As for today mostly all the Internet users have access to social media. The marketplace can collaborate with the various means of Social media in order to create a solid learning of the web store among the customers.

The web store may provide various links and promotional tabs on their Facebook or other social media sites where the customer can engage with the contents of the market place and at the same time get an assistance in browsing the web store. 

2. Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest known mode of promoting the web store. The web store may use various features in order to promote the brand. For instance, the using of the customers Email id that they have provided during the signup process can be utilized. With the access to the customer’s data the seller has always the option to keep the customers aware about the products on the web store.

A well composed mail describing all the features of the web store, including the products, deal, discounts, offers and all the brand that are available in the marketplace of your web store can be provided to the customer. The customer easily gets the information regarding this and can choose to search the store in search of better products. As the marketplace offers products from various brands hence, the chances are more for a customer to choose products from their suitable brand.

3. Various pop ups

Pop ups
Pop ups are one of the most effective way in order to promote the brands. The web store can always utilize the pop us to bend the customer according to their requirements. Suppose the seller wants to promote a particular product, hence they can use a pop up which provides the customers with various offers on that particular brand product. It enables the customers to explore new brands and at the same time the seller gets the desired audience for their brands.

The pop up can be made to look attractive and engaging depending up nth requirement of the seller. Most of the time, creating interactive pop ups results in better output, Thus, the seller must emphasize on creating quality pop ups. It will help in better promotion and at the same time, the customers can get to know the brand better and in more engaging manner.

4. Discounted sales

Discount Sale

The idea of sales is one of the most suited approach in order to promote the products. Most f the time, a customer will be attracted to the web store after they are shown with various offers and discounts that are thrown away by the stress to the customers. According to a survey, “46% of the customers readily agree to buy a product after they see an added discount or offer with the product”. So, following this approach will surely help the web store in popularizing the reach of the products.

Also, at the same time the customers also feel like getting a better deal so they may be molded towards using the services offered by the web stores more often. It is one of the effective way for retention of the customers. It ultimately results in rise in sales and effective conversions.

5. Shipment assistance

Shipment Assistance

The customer can also promote the product by providing shipping assistance to the customers. Supposedly, a new brand is planning to launch their product and they want more customers to follow them. Thus, providing an assistance with the product shipment will definitely win people’s trust and they will be delighted in hearing such an offer from the seller. The seller can also extract the customers Email id while providing them shipping assistance. The customer won’t hesitate to provide the seller with the Email id in return for getting a well-received product from the seller that provides shipping assistance as a part of the purchase.

The seller can use the customer’s data in order to inform them about the future products of the brands and divert the customer’s attention back to the web store. It helps in promoting the marketing at a very good level. Thus, making promotion an easy and achievable approach for the web stores.


The conversion of the web store into marketplace comes with a pack full of advantages but with several complications. The sellers needs to be clear about their promotion campaign. If everything is done in a precise and strategic manner than the success of the marketplace is assured.

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