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All about Facebook Commerce and how to use it

Spending the majority of your day on Facebook is something that we all relate to. Whether it is kids coming back from school and browsing through the stories for hours or the workaholics who treat the app as a stress-buster and sneak in for quick updates or notifications. Earlier this year, the social networking giant found another way to keep the users closer to itself.

As the latest incorporation, the Facebook shop was introduced in 2015 February but the major entry into eCommerce sector took place in October 2016 as a buy and sell groups that would allow the users to put up items that they wanted to sell in groups and the potential buyers would come forward and make the purchase. I wouldn’t lie that I have shopped some very gorgeous dresses back when this started for the ladies in the family myself. Everything was included where the buyer would be required to put in the basic information like delivery address or pickup location (the seller’s) and the payment methods and more.

In the month of October 2017, Facebook gave a new update on its Facebook Store. The all-new F-commerce feature allows the users to buy or sell their products in the periphery where they are comfortable. This is Facebook’s attempt to regulate the peer to peer selling that already exists on Facebook.

How can you buy items from the FB store?

FB store
Go to the product page to find all the necessary details of the same and the price also put in by the seller. The customers can view the Facebook profile of the sellers in order to find it a credible source to buy it from them. With the profile picture, personal details like phone number and the address of the work are done makes the trust get stronger in the customers.

An additional feature lets the customer buy certain products with the “Make Offer” button. Here you can put forward your price and bargain with the seller via Facebook chat. Once settled, you can decide how to make the payment and get going further.

How can you sell items in Facebook?

FB store
You all must have heard a lot about the boosting the sale at Facebook. Let me tell you, selling at Facebook is piece of cake. Prestashop store owners can sync their site with their FB pages with the help of Prestashop FB store module. All a seller has to do is click a good photograph of the item that they way to sell, upload the same on the platform and add the necessary details. The necessary details would include the specifications of the product as well as the pickup/delivery details. Voila!! Now all the people in your vicinity will be able to find the product and are eligible to buy it.

How can a seller keep a track of potential buyers in the Marketplace?

Once you’ve placed the item for selling on the platform, you’ll start getting the requests from the potential buyers with their prices or requests. You can keep a track of all the transactions that have taken place in your items. The same screen would have selling/buying/update section where you can back and check your latest transactions and the current updates.

What are the tips that can help you sell better?

High-resolution images

High-resolution images
You cannot deny this fact because when you don’t upload a photo that is of good quality, you take away the freedom to actually feel the products with eyes. A high-resolution image can be opened, zoomed in and looked at in a better way. With the correct lighting, proper focus on the product and photos clicked from different angles should be your responsibility.

Optimizing your profile

Optimizing your profile
With social media optimization so important in today’s time, you should be taking care of what goes up there and how you (seller) handles his/her profile. The key aspect of the entire process is to build the credibility and that happens with some key features. Having an original profile photo, correct details in the “About Us” section, images of satisfied customers on the page and more.
Have a separate post for every item

If you club all your products together, you would not be able to find the potential customer for the same. However, listing your products separately would give them more attention individually and will attract the buyers.

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